Mary Magdalene

posted December 18th, 2017


I need to put a date on an important hypothesis of mine. I am not sure if others have come to a similar conclusion, but for at least several months, I’ve seen the lack of information about Mary Magdalene, Lazarus, & Nicodemus, in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, as being a wise & deliberate act of obscuring their identities in order to protect them, as living witnesses at the time of authorship.  This concept is far reaching, and is supported by writers such as Arthur Stapylton Barnes.

Mary Magdalene in particular was a key eyewitness.

It was she who wet Jesus pre resurrection feet with her tears, wiped them with her hair, then clasped the post resurrection feet.

While it could be argued that, in some instances, the disciples simply thought they saw Jesus, Mary Magdalene on the other hand, was acquainted with the living, the dead, and the resurrected feet…

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